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Your business has enough to manage. Technology should not be one of them. The Tech Consultants offers end-to-end Technology Services so your company has the right technology it needs to thrive — without the headaches of researching the right solution, setting it up, solving problems, or scaling it as your needs change.

We've retained more than 91% of our clients over the last 15 years.

Why Partner With Us?

Reliable, secure & high-performance technology is an essential component for every business. When it’s running efficiently & effectively, so does your business. When it’s not, the consequences can be dreadful. This is where we come in.

We are our customers’ IT department. We bring a multi-disciplined team of experts to work with you & your team to develop, implement, maintain & manage all your technology. From infrastructure, networking, email, & VoIP, to security, compliance, Cloud migrations, CCTV and more, our team of experts are here to provide your business with enterprise-grade solutions and service.

When you choose The Tech Consultants, you get the solutions you need and the 24/7 responsive team to manage them, all at fair prices.

IT Support & Consulting Services

24/7/365 Help Desk

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24/7/365 Remote Monitoring & Management

Cloud Migrations



Managed VoIP Service

CCTV & Access Control

Data Protection & Recovery

We believe that if your business doesn’t have a dedicated IT department, it’s important that technology needs and problems don’t hold you back. So we offer managed IT services.

With expertly managed IT, your team gets the tools and resources it needs to do its best work. And you get that without extra work on your plate or headaches trying to make technology work for your unique needs. We act as your IT department, working alongside your business to help you succeed.

We’re not just troubleshooters, either. Our experienced team of premier IT specialists can help your company achieve peak performance with its technology solutions. We start from wherever you are now — whether that’s a completely non-digital infrastructure, a jumbled and disconnected technology stack, or a mostly functioning setup that could use some TLC. Then, we improve your technology to get your IT where it needs to be so your business can flourish.

To do this, we audit your existing infrastructure. We recommend and integrate the right solutions to streamline and maintain a healthy IT infrastructure for your business.
And we don’t stop there. When we say managed IT solutions, we mean we don’t sell you something, give you some training, and send you on your way. We provide end-to-end service, building an ongoing relationship with your business. If something needs troubleshooting or improvement, we step in to help right away.

When you choose The Tech Consultants, you get the solutions you need and the team to manage them, all at an affordable price. What’s more, we can scale our offerings with your business as it grows and your needs change.

Let's discuss how we can help your business technology run at peak performance.

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